Ables Vs. Binges

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The Binges, the author thoroughly explores the effects of consumerism on American society. He uses two opposite families with similar economy mimic situations, the unconscious Fables and the money blind Binges, to illustrate the harm that can be caused by consumerism. Verdant paints the Fables in a positive light, glorifying their lifestyle choices that been fit not only themselves, but the community as well. The cookie cutter family stays cautious o f money by keeping spending at a minimum and steering clear of ATM cards.

On the other ha ND, Verdant scrutinizes the Binges; he is disapproving of how they live as a materialistic “have to have it” family. He points out their spontaneous spending and luxuries as completely nuance scary. This reflects the distrust Verdant holds for consumerism, the potential harm that can be c reared by being careless, and the importance of being money conscious. Verdant notes both families’ physical health conditions with strong concern. He dramatists on how healthy the Fables are, speaking only of natural food from farms or home grown produce.

Verdant clearly points out the Fables, who intake no chemicals, only s large money on good food. In contrast, the Binges are said to not have time to eat healthy, t Hereford eat factory foods that are packed with fat. This poses the implication that health is a part of consumerism, making readers wonder which family will save more in the long run. The author is obviously biased towards the Fables, which is proven by the fact he refer s to the them by first name, but the Binges by Mr…. And Mrs…. He paints a clear picture of a perfectly clean house of the Fables, while he refers to the Binge’s yard as a “Junkyard.

The taut or gives us these two scenarios, leaving readers to wonder which family has a stronger quality of life, amount of real happiness, and ability to successfully avoid economic crisis. In The Fables vs…. The Binges, Veranda’s example families are too extreme to prove his attempted point of consumerism being a huge corrupting factor in society. He allows readers to be under the impression that the he personally knows these families, in order to make e his essay more credible. Verdant uses details about these families that are not common Knowles

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