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All Time Fan, All Time Fun “Music is my life”. Yes it is, it even makes my world go round. Without music, life would be very boring, there would be no lovely melodies around to bring joy to us. Without music, I bet there would be a lot of people suffering from depression, dying. Why? Because of music, they forget all of the problems they have in their life. The message that music gives to us people, helps us get through tough times. When that message really helped you a lot, you’ll thank the artist(s), especially hen it is a band that suffered what you also had, and love them forever.

Did I mention “band”? Yes I did, a music band. I love bands especially a pop-punk band. We cannot say that there are rarely girls that love pop-punk bands not only because their music is so catchy but also because the band members are so attractive. And I don’t know, I Just fell in love with them since when I was a kid. We are not used to find a child in those young years to listen to a band. I was Just that innocent little kid that loves Jamming to any bands’ song but does not know the meaning until I hit teenage years.

These years that my mind was broaden to dig deeper to things we know but we do not actually know what’s behind those. The songs I have been listening to, I was shocked to know that it has saved a lot of people’s lives as Vive read it in some social networking sites. When I found that out, I even fell more in love with bands especially with my all-time favorite band. The sweet angelic voice of the vocalist that soothes any bad day when your hear it, those harmonious beats the drummer makes, those smooth bass sounds the bassist sakes, those amazing rhythms the guitarist plays and everything that the band does is Just so perfect.

You may not know this band because unlike Justine Bibber, they’re not as popular as him. But they have thousands of fans that loves them so much, like me. This band from Baltimore, Maryland that has been and will always be inspiring me is called All Time Low. All Time Low’s music makes me Jump, makes my head bang, makes me dance randomly and it is totally awesome. Listening to their music whenever I’m stressful enough to deal with things is really calming. You know hen you hear their song it’s like you are suddenly going to dance and sing your lungs out, great feeling.

Sometimes I watch their interviews of how they got from nothing to a big thing and they make cute faces that are so irresistible. They’re more awesome for being Just them and not trying to be somebody else, and they even write their own songs, and that is how the product of their music were so good. The band members’ names are Alex Garth the vocalist and the rhythm guitarist, Iran Dawson the drummer, Jack Merrier the bassist, and my most favorite member of the band, Jack Barbara, the lead guitarist. They have been together since high school where they started their band.

Jack is the weirdest member of the band because he does weirdest things. His weirdness makes him more awesome. When it comes in playing the lead, Jack is the best. When you see his hands play, it’s so amazing! And the whole band is really the best. I remember the day I saw teem at ten meet Ana greet on August my Adulterant, Jack saw me Ana actually said “hi” to me. What a fantail’s dream come true. The next day, August 25, 2013, this is the day of the Bazooka Rocks IIвЂ?a rock show event where they are going to perform. I never thought that I will have the chance to see them live.

You know that feeling of being so happy, excited that you cannot even sleep at night? That’s what I feel. Days have passed after the concert, I have a what they call PC (Post Concert Depression) and since that was my first concert, I really Just can’t get over with it. But still, I’m really happy that Vive heard and seen them live. Like what I said, this band has saved a lot of lives in any part of the world. Im not a depressed teen or suffering from other mental disorders. I Just love their band for doing that simple USIA they never thought could make a big impact to others.

The craziness of their band will always be there as to what I saw on the day of their live performance. I will never forget that day. We have our own idols in our lives that you really love because of their own ways and that is great. Being inspired by something, keeps you motivated and it also keeps you on track with things that you have to do. I am MIT Elmira, a sixteen-year-old girl who is a proud All Time Fan and it’s All Time Fun and I love music, I love bands, I keep on rocking, and I love my all-time favorite band, All Time Low.

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