Aplastic Anemia Narrative Report

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Pathogenesis 3-insecticides. Reduction in the number of homeopathic plenipotentiary stem cells – remaining stem cells OR Immune reaction against stem cells. Fault in the unable to divide and differentiate sufficiently to produce the blood cells. Clinical Features Anemia with malaise, pallor and other associated symptoms such as palpitations. Theoreticians (low platelet counts), leading to increased risk of hemorrhage, bruising and patchier. Clinical Features

Leukemia (low white blood cell count), leading to increased risk of infection. Reticulation’s (low reticulate counts). Occurs at any age. Male predominance. Diagnosis 1- Complete Blood Picture (CAP): which shows pentatonic and reticulates. 2-Bone marrow aspirate: Markedly hypothetical marrow, due to replacement of hemophilic marrow by adipose tissue (not fibrosis or nepotistic cells). THERAPY I-General: The cause is removed. Supportive care with blood Transfusion, plus concentrate. Prevention of infection. THERAPY

Fanciness anemia is inherited as an autocross recessive. Associated with skeletal, skin, renal and central nervous system abnormalities. It usually presents between the ages of 5 and 10 years. Treatment with androgen’s and ACTS

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