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Beach or Mountain If I could choose where I would live, I would live by the mountains. All my life I have been taught to be appreciative of the woods and nature. My love to be in the mountains is partly because of my love of snow. This has given me the passion for the outdoors that I know today. My dream home would be a small house surrounded by white, snow-capped mountains and hundreds of trees, lakes, and wildlife. This would allow me to express my love of nature and living off my surroundings.

Here I would be able to have a garden with the food I live off of, I would have a large pasture filled with horses, and I would also have the chance to hunt and hike the beautiful mountain trails around my home. However, I think living in the mountains has many advantages. For example: If you live alone, or with your family, you can have your silence every time or you can be so loud as you want and nobody care. You can’t do that if you live at the beach. The beach is always crowded. It is loud and expensive.

Of course has living on the beach also advantages. You can make party all the time; you can swim every time; healthy air; and you will have nice weather 365 days a year. But there are storms where there is ocean, and storms result in debris and flooding. So you have to be sure, if you want to invest your money in a house near by the sea. And you have to take the risk. Furthermore, many oceanfront towns are a magnet for tourists, and can result in towns being overrun with cheap hotels and restaurants, crowds, and noise.

It’s important to consider location when it comes to where to live by the sea. It depends which type of human you are. I think the younger people would choose the beach, because they don ‘t care about atmosphere disturbance, they Just want to belong to the societies who live at the sea. If you think about living near the beach, the first thought is: There live the rich people or the Hollywood stars. Every day you can see new pictures of celebrities, in magazines or newspaper, who swim in the ocean at Malibu.

However, being connected to the beach isn’t all sunshine and ice cream. The ocean may be a beautiful place, but with great beauty there often comes a certain amount of danger and crime. So it is more dangerous to live at the beach than in the mountains. It is hard to believe but it is true. However, in my opinion I would choose living in the mountains, because living in the nature is the most beautiful thing for me and you can spend a day on the beach every time. Beach or mountain By embark

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