Birth of My Son

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Jeanine Highball Ivy Tech Community College The day my life changed was ten years ago when I found out that I was pregnant at the age of nineteen. I was pregnant with my first born, a baby boy that came in this world peeing on the nurses. I named him a biblical name, Emmanuel, which nearness “God is with us”. My son is so awesome, and he’s my miracle son because he was preemie weighing only two pounds and ten ounces, and he was fourteen inches long. The best part of being a new mommy was getting him through all of the earliest phases of his life and his first time saying “mommy’.

The first thing that I knew I had to do was get a second Job. I was glad that I was already working at my first Job, at a retail company called “Champs Sports” as a sales associate/greeter at a store that sold NAB basketball Jerseys, NFG football Jerseys, football cleats, and tennis shoes. This first Job was beneficial if I needed to get my son some shoes, since employees received a 30% discount. I had my son so spoiled rotten that I couldn’t help myself when it came to wanting the best for my child. The next two things that I had to do were find my own two bedroom apartment, and then I needed to change my lifestyle, since I was a new mommy.

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I needed to be dedicated to my son. I had to sit down and write down my plans for my new life as a mom. Also, I needed to keep myself away from negative people. I had to trust like never before when I had to leave my son with my mom for the first time when I had to go to work, which was kind of hard. I needed to go to work so that I had enough money for both of all our necessities. My second Job ended up being at The Children’s Place, a store that sold a lot of infants, toddlers, girls, and boys clothes. Plus, all employees received a 30% discount here, too. Last but not least, I had to focus on furthering my education by getting my G.

E. D. My two main reasons for wanting to get my education were because I felt, “how can I expect my son to be successful in school when I don’t have an education myself? ” Then I studied to receive my G. E. D. , and I received it in August 2005. Now I’m attending college to get a career in “computer information systems” to be a computer technician, and also to be a good role model for my son. He is the number one reason why I can’t Just give up on trying to better myself for the both of us. I always tell him Tanat, “you can De or ay anything Tanat you puts your mina to. So Tar, Nils ciao NAS Eden DOD by signing him up with two different sports, baseball, which he played for three years, and football, this being his third year. The next sport I’m going to see about him playing is basketball, which is my favorite sport. I love my son to death, and I wouldn’t trade him for the world. I don’t regret having him either; plus, I always tell him, “Even if in the future, if I have any more kids, I won’t treat you any differently. ” I’m not concern with having any more right now, at least until me complete college and then find the right one. Becoming a mommy has been the lollipop and my life changing moment.

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