Brexit – exiting the European Union

In June 2016, the United Kingdom voted in a referendum to leave the European Union, an institution it had been a member of since 1973. With Brexit comes an end to free movement of people, goods, capital and services across the EU, and an end to much of the legislation that has come into force in the UK in recent years. Only time will tell what the full impact will be of this decision.

Featured Articles

UK offers deep security partnership with EU post-Brexit in the face of growing global threats
The UK Government has offered to contribute military assets to EU operations, cooperate on sanctions and agree joint positions
Accessing skills in a post-Brexit world
More than three-quarters (76%) of manufacturers in the UK employ at least one EU national in their business, while EU nationals make up 11% of the manufacturing workforce on average.
UK outlines proposals for shared approach on data protection
The UK Government has set out its plans for arrangements that could ensure personal data would continue to move back and forth between the UK and the EU in