Companies still not contacting consumers about storing their personal data

Nearly half (49%) of UK consumers are still yet to receive an email from brands asking permission to continue using their personal data in accordance with upcoming GDPR regulation, says research by Databoxer.

Despite the GDPR regulation looming on the 25th May, which states that brands will need explicit permission from customers to use their data, like email addresses for marketing purposes, only a third (34%) of consumers say they recall recently receiving emails from brands asking for consent.

The average consumer is signed up to 12 marketing email lists, which likely means that a vast number of brands in the UK are still not GDPR compliant. Among those consumers who had received an email, though, 63% sent a message back to accept brands using their data, while 37% declined.

Tim Haynes, co-founder of Databoxer said: “Our research clearly shows that brands still don’t know where to start when it comes to getting permission from consumers to use their data. We see this with brands we speak with every day, so we created a simple consent wizard, which asks a few easy questions about how you as a brand use customer data, and then gives you a set list of questions you need to ask customers if you’re planning to continue using their data.

The process of permissioning mailing lists in accordance with the GDPR is having a profound effect on the way businesses get in contact with their target audiences, potentially reducing the number of people on mailing lists.

Haynes argues that the process isn’t the end of the world though: “The GDPR doesn’t mean that you have to completely rip up your marketing mailing lists. If anything, the regulation will help you weed out those who really have no interest in your communications.

That said, repermissioning is a hugely important task for businesses right now. I’d strongly advise businesses start a repermissioning campaign ahead of the GDPR date. Use content your subscribers are already getting as an opportunity to demonstrate the value of their subscription. Alongside content on your landing pages, present them with the opportunity to reconfirm they want to continue to hear from you.

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