Day at the beach

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A Day at the Beach When I was in fifth grade I went to Cancan, Mexico with my family. It was an adventure off lifetime that I will never forget. The entire trip my family and I bonded. During our seven day trip we spent a good portion of our time at the beach. At the resort, they had a little outdoor restaurant and a crystal clear swimming pool. I could smell the Juicy burgers frying on the grill and the crispy homemade fries cooking in the hot grease.

The food was so delicious! After we ate the greasy food we would go and sun bathe on the comfortable lounge chairs and catch some hot rays. The weather was fantastic! I could feel the sun burning my skin and shining down on my body. When we finally had enough sun and our body was melting, we would usually get into the swimming pool. The staff at the resort always organized exciting games for us to play in the pool. I even met some friends that I ended up hanging out with when we were at the pool or in the ocean.

It was wonderful to hear all the laughter and families making unforgettable memories. The pool was usually very crowded, but it was so much fun. Just past the pool was the bright blue ocean. It was gorgeous! It was always hot and sunny and the cool breeze from the ocean felt refreshing. The sunrays were so bright that if I didn’t have my sunglasses on the sun would’ve blinded me. It was great to feel the warm sand between my toes. It was like having a foot massage in the white sand.

Before I went onto the ocean, I had to make sure I put a pound of sunscreen on. I would’ve looked like a bright red cherry if I wouldn’t have put on sunscreen. After the sunscreen soaked into my delicate skin I would run into the blue ocean. The water was like a hot tub and it was early February. The waves were so big and my younger sister and I always dove in them. We didn’t have goggles on our face, so our eyes would sting like a bee and turn as red as an apple.

Once we got tired of the ocean, my family ND I would go back to the shore and build sand castles. My Dad even buried me in warm sand. On the beach, I could see the endless water and people taking naps. I could hear the seagulls and the waves crashing on to the shore. After a long day of fun, we watched the sunset in the sky. It was peaceful and beautiful. Wish I could’ve stayed in Cancan, Mexico for a million more days. We had such a fun and relaxing family vacation. I hope that I can go back there in the next couple of years. Day at the beach By Danielson

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