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Life is made up of thousands of charitable moments. These moments maybe very joyful or harmfully devastating. We know no one is perfect that’s why I want to inform people about my unknowingly struggle. The most important event of my life is struggling with depression and when I was bullied because it was the lowest moment in my life, I realized how sthrong I am today, and I want to inform others about struggling with depression daily. To start with, struggling with depression and bullying was the lowest moment in my life.

From starving myself, losing weight briskly, and my parent’s taking me out of school, I suffered many obstacles. I always excluded myself; I never wanted anyone to trouble me. Not only was this the lowest moment, but this also helped me realize how sthrong I am today. Following this, and going through the struggle I realized how sthrong Vive became. For instance, Vive learned to cope with the starvation, the emotional struggle, and downgrading myself daily. I learned not to hate others, and accept the past. Moreover, I can talk to others about my situation and inform them about what it’s like to have a life like me.

At last, with struggling numerous of years I can finally inform others about the tuition and know that what I went through doesn’t have to happen to them they can get help, they don’t have to go through this alone. Clearly, I will talk about some signs of depression that I struggle with or anyone can. The most common symptoms are the following: starvation, weight loss, crying spells, frustration, and unhappiness. These are Just a few symptoms to name that I had to face with; however, the list goes on. Furthermore, some ways to get help from depression is to talk to your parent’s, get counseling, and have peers to help stay positive.

Talk to your doctor, get put on meducation. This is the most helpful thing that made me become sthrong. It copes with a lot of the symptoms. As previously stated, the most important event of my life is struggling with depression and being bullied. My life has been filled with important moments, but my struggle is far the most important. People’s lives can be Joyful at times or even harmfully devastating. Life is made up of how we make it, that’s why I want to stay positive and be sthrong and overcome my past and understand things happen for a reason. Depression By bandanna

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