Effective adjustment to ones enviroment

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Effective Adjustment to ones Environment definition is not required to understand that what is implied by “effective adjustment to ones environment”. It is more of a situation created in ones life when that person undergoes through a transition from one phase of his life to another. The transition phase could be any thing like a 12th passed student moving to abroad for higher studies for him it might be a cultural adjustment, a girl getting married and paving to a new family for her coming entire life, for her it might be something close to emotional adjustment.

Not only does the adjustment take place in the cases of SHIFT in one’s phase, but also in day to day activities from every walk of life. Maybe you spend a lot and spend lavishly in a first fortnight of the month and then you tend to save or follow a reasonable spending attitude lest you should be broke / empty pocket. This is how adjustment has to be done every day , every single hour and every single minute.

The phenomena of adjustment starts once a child is born. An infant has to adjust in the world when exposed to various surroundings after coming out of warm and protective womb of her mother whereas the parent’s of the baby will also have to adjust with a new member in the family for having sleepless nights , taking proper care of the baby.

A child struggles in the play ground to play better than others, a student has to adjust when he goes too hostel and lacks the privileges of his home, a man has to pope up with the complications of the corporate world , a person has to face various diversity and cultures of other country when he chooses to go abroad , an old man loses his essence of his LIFE when he is feeble and dependent on others . Life is a sum of experiences that we encounter as we go ahead. Day to day struggles and triumphs are experienced by all of the world’s creatures and living up with it, is what adjusting to ones environment.

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