Eve teasing

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In recent time eve-teasing (sexual harassment) has become major concern in Bangladesh. How far the law and the government have been successful in combating the issue of eve-teasing? Explain and illustrate. 19. Mar, 2012 1. INTRODUCTION: Bangladesh, a developing country, though holding quite a small area is inundated with uncountable problems. Among these, eve-teasing, recently has become the burning issue for the country owing to its adverse effects on women, especially to the teenage girls. Eve teasing has remained a concern since many years[l].

But the fact that it has taken a massive shape is of great concern. The practice of eve-teasing is a form of sexual assault that ranges in brutality from catcalls, sexually evocative remarks, brushing in public places, to outright groping and very recently teasing by mobile phone and mobile tracking. It is an obvious fact that no conscious citizen of our country is unaware about this ugly situation created by the youth who follow delinquency. Suicide of a probable school or college girl as an outcome of eve-teasing is an obvious news whenever we scroll down the daily newspapers.

Eve-teasing has no bounds. Every other person on the streets intend to assault women ranging from ICC to poor, being literate to being uneducated. It is very sad that, a healthy number of educated boys from reputed families are growing lust towards this practice. According to the report from ‘Bangladesh National Women Lawyers Association’ (BANANA) the probable eve-teasers on the streets of Bangladesh are teenage boys, traffic police, rickshaw pullers, bus drivers, supervisors or colleagues of the working women.

Statistics suggests 32% of the eve teasers are students, 33% are middle-aged men while 35% are anti-socials. A common scenario of defining how women are sexually harassed would be the fact that these teasers wait in schools mostly, in colleges or they Just sit outside the houses and as soon as they cite the girls walk past them they start passing vulgar comments, filthy Jokes, sly whistles, uncouth laughter, and sometimes reaching the extreme of indecent exposure.

The society blames the women or girls stating that they aggravate the teasers by failing to wear modest clothes. On the contrary, those wearing decent dress are not found to be teased as usual and sometimes to an even greater extent. 2. FORMS OF EVE TEASING Eve teasers frequently undergo passing vulgar comments, unnecessary touching, gushing & shoving, in the streets and mostly in public transports. Other women are frequently harassed at workplaces by male supervisors, colleagues or bosses. There are a lot of ways women are harassed.

Some of the typical examples would be a vulgar stare, a wink, an opportune clap, a sly whistle, a needless collision, an apparent casual touch, a persistent stare, passing uncouth comments, the purring of an evocative song, despicable gestures, bikes soaring close with hands stretched intending to take a feel of the girl’s body, passing by in slow moving cars with loud USIA with an number of boys inside eyeing the girls in order to measure her up. The following are some vivid scenarios. With school going girls: Most teenage boys wait outside school waiting to make indecent remarks on the girl.

Following that, some Tallow galls Trot cocoons to none Intending to grad near attention. Eve-teasing Dye passing dreadful comments and passing offensive letters etc. Sometimes, they pass filthy comments trough vulgar letters or sometimes force girls to go into a relationship with them. Not being to tolerate such mental trauma, a potential life moms to an end when a girl finally decides to take her life. Through mobiles: This is one of the most popular forms of eve-teasing. A stalker starts with sending a SMS in patterned and abstract language and the girls falls for it.

This girl then very naturally develops a feeling on which that boy capitalizes. Then the commencement of a relationship. They spend a few intimate moments together which are captured by hidden video cameras and are later circulated using the internet. Directly by internet: The best way in this modern world for girls and guys to come closer to each other is by chatting through the internet. And thus most girls are victimized by boys mostly because of sensuality sake. Due to these terrible practices, productivity and mobility of women is treacherously hindered.

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