Fire: Asthma and Curious Onlookers

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John woke up feeling parched and gasping for air. Beads of perspiration dotted his forehead. He felt as if he had Just been baked in a microwave oven. It was then he realized that smoke was curling into the room from the balcony! The word”fire” ricocheted through his mind repeatedly. John ran to the balcony to investigate. There was a fire at the opposite block! Pandemonium struck at the block that was stuck in the ominous smoke. The fire was like a cankerous monster, showing o mercy to human.

The panic-stricken residents were scurrying down the flight of stairs and hollering for help. Some lost children were wailing and finding their parent in the chaotic crowd. A gathering of inquisitive onlookers surrounded the burning flat. Soon, the scene was choked-a-blocked by curious onlookers. Some gasped and gawked whereas some tried to peer though the sea of faces Just to catch a glimpse of the burning inferno. Murmurs swept through them as nosy housewives started to speculate among themselves on what had caused the fire.

Inside the block, some people were still trapped! The orange tongues of fire licked the walls vengeance. The wind fuelled fire and the fire grew bigger and bigger. John immediately punched in 995 onto the phone. Mary was one of the trapped people. She felt that her airways had tightened and she found it hard to breath. She felt weak and lay helplessly sprawled on the ground. She was having an asthma attack! Before she fainted, she could only see people run like there was no tomorrow and her asthma inhaler laying just a few centimeters away. She felt herself lifted up.

When she regained her conscious, she was out of the raging fire. Sirens could be heard as fire engines, police cars and ambulance arrived at the scene. The policemen immediately sprang into action and cordoned off the area by putting up barricades to control the growling crowd of onlookers. The firemen climbed the ladders and went into the burning building. As the fire was huge, the firemen could only call for reinforcement. A few minutes later, another more sophisticated fire engine came. The firemen climbed onto the aerial platform and went into the blaze.

The firemen used snake like hoses to extinguish the fire. With the help of the reinforcement, the fire was doused. The paramedics administered first aid to the burned victims and those who suffered from smoke inhalation. Victims with severe injuries were taken to the nearest hospital. John was relief. The next day, as John was flipping through the newspaper, he found out that Mrs…. Tan, his neighbor, accidentally left the stove on when she went to rest. John sigh. Fire was indeed a good Servest but a bad master.

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