Food cart business

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Food Cart Business Food cart is a business that has a high chance of success. It’s the reason why many aspiring entrepreneur choose it as a business. In putting up a food cart business there are many things to be consider enable for it to be successful and ready to compete with other. Things to be considered are the product, location, capital, market, operation cost and the staffs. One or two persons can run the food cart. They should be trustworthy, know how to speak with customers, has a good personal hygiene, and able to do basic arithmetic.

Staffs should be thoroughly trained on the products as well as on hygiene and sanitation. Regular store visits and inventory should be conducted to effectively monitor the cash flow and continuously improve the product. Your product must be exceptional so many customers will love your product and always come back Just to eat at your food cart. Our Own Food Cart Business Our group makes a plan how to build a food cart business considering the product, action, capital, market, operation cost and staffs.

Our product is a common food which Filipinos really love to it. We combine many products so our customers will have many choices. Our products are Soap, Simoom, Kiang, Fish balls, and different drinks like appalling and Juices with different flavors. On the location we choose the one which we know that always have a foot traffic 2417. We choose the park or the plazas as our location because parks are always open for everybody and many people are always there to stroll.

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