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Heritage- defined as anything of value from the past that provides identity to the present and inspires the future generation Tourism- travel for recreational leisure or business purposes Heritage Tourism- the national trust for Historic Preservation in the United States defines heritage tourism as “traveling to experience the places and activities that authentically represent the stories and people of the past l. Arts A. Philippine Visual Arts.

Pottery- combines design and function. *Meaningful Jar (Palatal)- has a cover which features two men rowing a boat, suggesting the belief of early Filipinos in an afterlife that one reaches after crossing a mythical body of water. Pre Colonial Period Basketry Cordilleras- rich in basket *Passing/backpack- structured to support the human frame Woodcarving Anita(Cordillera groups)- which they called it bull, signify the value of fertility.

Coir- a-data (Moran&Tausog Mindanao)- ornate curvilinear designs and motifs applied to wood carving. *Sardinian-painted in many colors, holding a fish in its beak. *Nag- form of an elaborate mythical serpent *Peak arroba- stylized growing fern with a broad base gracefully. Panola(Sardinian&Naga)- the extended floor beam of the tarragon or the large sultan’s house. Jerry- amulets and charms to ward off evil spirits or to give supernatural powers. Ling-ling-o(Cordilleras)- signify fertility. B.

Indigenous Dramas -rituals and dances which are still performed with urgency and vitality by the various cultural communities that comprise about 8% of the country’s population are held or performed together or separately on the various occasions of a person’s birth, baptism, circumcision, initial menstruation, courtship, wedding, sickness and death. Rituals of Paginate(Tugboat of Palatal)- after rice harvest on the last 3 days to ask supreme deity Imaginings. Saris Hangs- wax. Y long knife Song- stripped palm leaves with bells.

Tang-tang rural AT Adding(leashed)- Damon rat Walt tottering AT role,OLL eggs,cigarettes,rice cakes and little chick represent the soul of the sick person. Tribal dances- proto-dramas Killing boar- Cordilleras; Wild honey,hunting fish- Eat in Gambles; Oranges picked- Taught of Sulk; War dance- Dave del Norte, model warrior called basing C. Philippine Cinema Beginnings Filming Two problems- expensive technology and inadequate capital Jose Omnipotence- Father of Philippine Movies, Talladega bikini.

Ill. Costume A. Pintails- Tattoos for bravery and beauty *best evidence- tattoos seen on the mummies of Cabana,200 to 400 y/o. Caroline Kennedy-Caber- Women- to enhance beauty; Men- bravery and tribal seniority. GIS(Kananga from Bungee)- small piece of wood,which 3 iron points were attached; lawful- iron,with 2 or 3 points; Killing- 5 needles; Signs from Papaya- Sighs, fashioned from a carved piece of rattan. B. Tribal Communities: Boonton Boonton Igor(Met. Province of the Cordilleras ranges). Wanes- men wear long strips of hand-woven loin cloth *Lubed- women wear kind of warp around skirt *A marriage is barren if no child results from the union after five years of marriage. Tat- place where the council of Elders hold various ceremonies,meetings and events. C. Costume at the Fin De Icicles- Panels Maria Clara IV. Crafts A. Understanding a Basket B. Bamboo house *soloing- *bantering- bamboo rack on w/c to arider the dishes *Bataan- platform on w/c to wash and bathe, enclose for privacy w/o a roof so it can ray out thoroughly C.

Ingenious Filipino Boat *Blankly- first wooden watercraft excavated in Southeast Asia *pandas- craftsmen such as iron-workers and goldsmiths V. Customs and Traditions A. Passing Pinion Paso- most awaited and best loved fiesta. Painfully- re-enacting the plight of Mary and Joseph Langley,Panamanian- TLS contrasts mass Deck 25- Paso Eng mega bat Jan 1- Paso Eng mega piƱatas dalai Feast of the three kings- Paso Eng Manhattan, first Sunday of January B. The Fiesta Celebration Papayas- Lucian, Guenon; precious offering in May

Tat-titian- Kalmia, Klan Parole- five-pointed paper star lantern Martinique- colorful pageants Feast of the black Nazarene- Quip, Manila Financial Festival- Bucolic river C. Language Malay structure and form VI. Food A. Militant -glutinous rice; and roasted B. Book Leaves/ assail- waling material for bay kobo Coco Juice,commercial book Juice Book cream/gate- splitting the nut pen, grating the coco meat off Coco oil- serves as cooking oil Coconut husk/bunt- floor polisher Vinegar- fermenting sap Coco Jam/maintains an ABA- mixture of coco cream and sugar

Macaroon- young coconut grated into strips Bugaboo- sugar Tuba/lambing- locally brew produced from sap of coconut palm Pith/food- heart of coconut tree Coconut trunk- columbine Roots- mouthwash evil. HISTORY Malay immigrants Arab missionaries Ferdinand Magellan 1571 Honking June 12, 1898 evil. RELIGION Faith healing- curing sickness w/o aid implements or drugs Psychic surgery- heal using hands World Heritage Sites 1 . Natural properties- show a unique geological origin that was made on a landforms of the earth 2. Cultural- manmade 3.

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