Homelessness in the United States and Car Notes

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Causes of Homelessness There are several major causes of homelessness. Some reasons are simple. Some are very complex. All sadness from depression. Money has never been the object to buy or even have happiness, but it is definitely the key to “stay up” in this world of sin. As they say, “money is the motive”. May god help the needy, and reduce the greedy. Money is the main reason for being homeless, for the fact that everything runs on money. Even your life runs on money. Uri-pay bills, mortgage, car notes, court cost etc. ] Bankrupt in anyway can cost a person their life’s benefits. Uncle Sam has no mercy Big storms and depression are also main causes of homelessness. Hurricane Strain is major storm that caused thousands of people to go hungry and homeless. A great lost indeed to those who had died. Even those who are alive but are dealing with the everyday struggle of living off that one question, “when will this nightmare end”.

God bless those who help the homeless for they need it more than we do. Drugs are also a major cause of homelessness. From weed to crack cocaine, the addiction is real. The addiction itself has left people bankrupted. Through the struggle they spend everything for drugs. To them a “high” is more important than fife, it’s too hard for them to fight off the addiction. They are willing to lose anything and everything Just for a mental lift.

As sad as it is, there are more than 30% of people in the US on the streets. No matter what the reason is, it’s still a major and fast growing problem. There are also those who imitate a homeless person Just for money. But as it seems some people are actually making thousands of dollars Just by sitting on the corner, [TAXABLE] bypassing Uncle Sam and the government cuts. Many people see being homeless as a “get-rich-quick scheme”, but for those who are actually homeless, “May God be with you”.

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