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Dear Wonderful Husband, I am so sorry I have been acting the way I have been. I really do aperitif everything you do for your family. You are a hard working man and take care of your family. And yes I need to start treating you with respect and start showing you that I love you and want to be your wife. You are the best thing that has came into my life. I can’t live without you and I don’t want to live with out you.

I want to grow old together. And your out there making money for the family, and IM here trying to do everything by myself. Its very stressful. And instead of taking it out on you I should be trying to deal with my stress my self, and be the best wife I can be too you. You haven’t done nothing to me except be the best husband you can be. All I want is to try and make you happier than you are.

I want us to be romantic, takes walks in the park, sit at the ire and drink red wine together, I want us to hold each other and comfort when we are down and out, want us to have late night talks, I want us to make love like we use too. I want too be the person you want me to be, I want you to have the wife you always dreamed of having, and I want that to be me. I am so so so sorry baby. Can you please forgive me. I love you and I always will. Love Always, Your Wife

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