Introductory Speech: Who Am I?

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I went to church every Sunday and on Wednesday nights I was at youth group at the church. There are two reasons I want to go into nursing. The first reason is that I love helping other people and taking care of other people. Being a nurse requires you to help and take care of others every day. The second reason is because I was inspired by a nurse when I was 13. My grandpa had a heart attack in 2008. I spent a lot of time by his bed while he recovered from the double bi- pass surgery he needed.

He had four or five different nurses, but there was one ruse, Jessica, and she made me want to do what she did. She always cared for grandpa with a smile and a gentle touch. She made it her priority to make sure that my grandpa was comfortable during his stay at the hospital. Seeing her care for my grandpa in the gentle way she did made me want to become a nurse and take care of patients the same way she took care of him. I want to take my nursing career one of two ways. The first is to work as a trauma nurse in Re’s working with patients who need immediate help.

The second path is to work as a pediatric nurse in a children’s hospital. When I have free time you can usually find me riding my bike. I have enjoyed bike riding since I started when I was five. When the weather allows I ride three to five miles a day. I have been on three Ragbag’s with the team, Team Reckless. I also enjoy spending time camping. I was raised in a family that spent summers camping. I go camping every weekend during the summers. I was in Girl Scouts for eight years, and went camping dozens of times with my troop.

I can build a fire from scratch. I can cook almost anything on a camp fire. I have pitched a tent so many times I can do it blindfolded, a task that has been tested before. In fact me and one of my friends were challenged to pitch a tent blindfolded as fast as we could. We use the same tent every time we go camping, so it was almost second nature to us. We successfully pitched the tent blindfolded in six minutes and thirteen seconds. And that my friends is me, Kale Miller.

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