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At remote location b. With limited resources (Time and Money) c. Managing more then 10000 People d. Debut Producer e. Two time flop Director Identifying Limiting Factor Risk factors involved in the film making process… 0 Time and Money: over-budget and project-delay. 0 Managing Stakeholders: To manage and coordinate different stakeholders like Director, writer, producers, cast/crew, local population, law and order, film industry, distributor, audiences. 0 Uncertainty: Uncertain elements Like, A period film, shoot in remote location with almost an unknown cast. Environment: The location for the shooting was in Bush, Gujarat. Weather conditions could get quite extreme and affect in the delay of the shoot, sandstorms and heavy walls. 0 Accommodation : Ensuring safety, security, proper food and lodging for all cast and crew members. Coin… 0 Health and safety : if accommodation not done properly health conditions and safety of the same could affect negatively. 0 Technical: Equipment Malfunctions, technical shortcomings demanding rework and customization etc. Dead to project delay. Controlling Resources: Co-ordination and controlling of 300 cast/crew, 10,000 extras, and different departments. This could risk the entire shoot if not controlled. 0 Local Labor Laws: Appropriate wages and Justice to cast/crew and extras. Develop, Analyses & Select best alternatives The entire procedure of making the film is divided into manageable subdivisions and the crew members are assigned their respective roles and responsibilities. 1 . Work Breakdown Structure (WEBS) : Controlling ordered as in the case of Project Network Diagram.

The possible WEBS diagram of this project is shown below. WEBS is Just a list of activities and is not chronologically 2. For better project management: It was divided into pre production, shooting and post production There were following options for theme. The 7-S framework of Project Management- These are Systems, Staff, Skills, Style/Culture and Stakeholders. B. The Plan-Do-Study-Act Cycle- (PADS cycle) the other Process Groups as shown in fig (below). Strategy, Structure, c. Stage-Gates:- A check-point at each stage of the project. It keeps a track record of the success/failure of an activity. . Site research: at least 2 years before, (Started in June 99 to Seep 99, Film was released in Jan. 2001). Auto laminate environmental rills Doctors Tot eliminate risk of accommodation and lodging. Tot eliminate health and safety risk. For shooting location. Availability of resources like electricity. Water and other tech requirements. 4. Detail budgeting:- Project Scheduling, Detailed Budgeting and Resource Controlling were implemented to manage the project. Besides that, checkpoints at strategic points were used to monitor the progress of the project. 5.

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