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Define articles. What is the importance of articles in English Grammar? 14. A. Write appropriate question tag for the following: You wanted that shirt. He saw that beautiful flower. You know that’s right answer. He will be coming tomorrow. After all this time you’d think he’d have forgotten the key. The amount he is suffering from hay fever he needs to see a doctor. You may think you know the answer but you don’t know.

After working so hard he didn’t deserve to fail he exam. You wouldn’t report me, yesterday. He isn’t going to like this, gift. B. Differentiate Independent and Dependent clauses. 15. A. Write a dialogue conversation between Shop Keeper and a lady in a super market. B. Describe the characteristics and significance of modal auxiliaries. PART – C Answer any Two Questions: 2 X 15 = 30 16. Write an essay on the prose piece – University Days. 17. Describe the summary of the prose, “The Story Teller”

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