My Family Background

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The first one to leave was my second oldest aunt; she came to US to follow her husband and also to go to school to become a doctor, now she is a doctor at SST. Mary. The second one to leave was my youngest uncle; he came to US to get better education and Job. After that my mother got married to my father and moved to Yang. Then my oldest aunt went to Japan to get better education but after that she went to visit US and loved it so she decided to stay. Right after my oldest aunt went to Japan; my youngest aunt came to US also to et better education and Job.

Then my grandparent’s went to US to be with my third aunt and the rest of my family there. Then finally in 2009, my whole family came to US. We came here because my parent’s wanted my sisters and me to get a better education. So these are the events that led me to who and where I am today. I’m thankful to all my family members especially my third aunt who is now a doctor for going to US and motivating others to go to US as well. I am more thankful to my parent’s Tort along sun Nora work Tort our netter coeducation Instead AT Dealing roll Ana aid back in Burma.

There was one thing that I didn’t know that really surprised me. I never knew that I was all Chinese. I thought I was half Burmese and half Chinese but it seemed then I’m fully Chinese. There is one thing that I was really confused about because why is my skin darker than everyone else in my family? When most people look at me they probably wouldn’t think that I am Chinese because of my skin color. So somehow being Just Chinese made me a lot more confused and curious about my family background.

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