Personality Sketch

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Nesses Hobo Mandate MILS E It was all about “man’s” and “piped” for Ella. She was frequently going on shopping for new clothes, shoes and bags and she loves to wear pink. People always thought she was Just fooling around, even her boyfriend. Despite all that, she was caring, smart, lovable, and is also great adviser. Once, Ella and her boyfriend went on a date. She thought he was going to propose to her. But no, he did not. He dumped her, instead.

For she was not right girl for him, he said. She sees her boyfriend as the right guy for her and she thought she couldn’t live without him. One day, she decided to follow him at law school, where everybody would make a fool out of her all because of love. Ella was confident she would get him back. But then she was Just even more depressed when she found out he was engaged. Ella applied for the 1st internship case, the school could offer as a law student.

When she was asked for her resume, she gave the pink, scented paper. Luckily, Ella got accepted because of her intelligence and courage. Regardless of that, she still hated boring suits. Immediately, Ella became friends with her client because of her trustworthy attitude and consideration. On the day of her trial, she didn’t thought that she was going to be the “real” lawyer of her client, not the “student” lawyer. She was afraid and unprepared.

But because of her great knowledge, and also with a little help from hat she know about fashion she indeed won her first case. In law school, Ella learned that being a great person isn’t Just about what you wear and how you look. It’s about how well you handle life’s great challenges. Also, she realized that the world doesn’t go around one man. But she never hated the boyfriend who dumped her in fact she wanted to thank him. For if it wasn’t for him it would never come to her mind that she could be a great and successful lawyer.

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