Primitive humans or not?

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Instincts are a natural way of behavior to certain situations. A natural way of acting and thinking, a natural propensity of a kind. Which is in this case, humans. Every human being has animal instincts. These instincts are inherited in our sub consciousness from the early years of Homo* evolution. Even though it seems like we don’t have these particular connections with our ancestors we actually do. We use our instincts sub-consciously in every decision we make in our lives.

Ultimately they effect us all the time in many different ways. However they are smoothened in time y humans velveteen and our environmental changing. One of the main factors on smoothening our instincts is the civilizations itself. Actually the only barrier between us and our undomesticated, primitive and more natural selves is civilizations and societies. Whom are constantly taming our wild side by several co-factors, such as: laws, religion and even manners & morals . Although the civilizations ‘Tame’ our inner animal like behaviors, it’s not effective for long time periods.

Moreover, astonishingly it’s very easy to regress back to our primitive and savage state, once we get out of the civilization and go too more natural place. Thus it will be accurate for us to say that civilizations and societies keeps us from reverting back to our primitive and savage selves. Charles Darning’s evolution theory states that : the successive variations that becomes an advantage for the animal, will pass on to it’s off springs but the ones that do not, will slowly assimilate or be demoralized.

Corresponding to the data that we have, we will achieve an argument: Civilized societies suppresses our inner wild side and this side of ours will start to vanish or change slowly. However this statement refers to a full evolution of a specific kind. This takes thousands of hosannas of years to happen and the human beings today are still the same with the ones 1 50,000 years ago. Since we didn’t evolve for 1 50,000 years we could also say that we share the same physical conditions and instincts that were inherited to Homo sapiens sapiens **.

Therefore saying that we have the same savage primitive mind with the humans back then, will not be wrong. Seeing that we act different may deceive you into thinking that we are different but the only difference between us now, from back then, is the societies and their new rules. Law is maybe the variable that changed the most. First of all there was no Ritter law until BBC. It was the code of Hamburg (Babylonian king) and let alone how close that date is, the understanding of law and Justice was completely different from now too.

The laws at that time were based on the ideology of “An eye for an eye” and human behaviors shaped around these rules. In the end we had a society where blood and gore was more common. An example of this can be given by ten rumors gladiator Talents In ancient roman empire. Winner ten people watched other men being torn in to two by lions for fun or how a normal citizen could kill a slave and will not be counted as a criminal. Naturally killing instinct was not as suppressed as it was now, so when people killed someone in public no one really made it a big deal.

However if the same things happened now probably a chaos would arise and it would most definitely will not be accepted as easily as it would be back then. What have changed between this time period? Not human mind, body nor the kind but the environment, the society. It is proven that the Humans back then and humans now are same on both physical and mental ways, but it is also proven that they were more savage. With this example we set you a clear example of how a society can shape a man’s natural behavior: instinct. Similar things can be said about religion too.

In this case instead of society itself the religious believes of the person changes his/her actions. With setting custom rules and a guide line to how to act in a proper way, it suppresses humans extreme behaviors such as immediate desires off person. An immediate desire might be to drink or eat some ones food but since religion states that its clearly wrong to take some ones deserved work, even the most natural human instinct becomes subdued. For example to drink water. If that is not your water but someone else’s you would not aka and drink it, because of the known ethics created by religion.

That is where manners & morals comes in as well. Since they’re very connected the same rule applies to them too. If we didn’t know that it was wrong, then we would listen and quench ourselves with the drink since its what our instincts sass us to do. The book Lord of the flies by William Gilding displays a marvelous example of how any human can revert back to their primitive and more savage state when the environment around them and the conditions change. Through out his novel Gilding shows us how the instincts to act violent, to maintain power over others or to full fill elf cravings can gain control over some ones decisions.

To give an example for this we can show you when Jack and the others actually starts to hurt Robert in their dance or how they let the forest on fire to capture and kill Ralph or how they killed Simon or piggy. Roger torturing Sam and Eric is also one of the examples. When the obligatory rules and the society requirements disappears they all start to act in a different way. They start to act and decide upon their survival instincts. Their actions starts to shape, for their best survival chance. Asking the same question again: What have changed? Their body, brain? No, the only thing that was changed was the environment.

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