Almost half of us don’t have the digital skills required by most jobs
Want to get ahead at work and earn more money? Get digital. That’s the conclusion of Barclays Digital Development Index 2017 which analysed 88,000
UK outlines proposals for shared approach on data protection
The UK Government has set out its plans for arrangements that could ensure personal data would continue to move back and forth between the UK and the EU in
New airborne cyber threat exposes almost every device to remote attack
A new set of zero-day Bluetooth-related vulnerabilities has been discovered that could potentially affect billions of devices in use, according to
Everbridge provides critical communications lessons learned from Hurricane Harvey
Everbridge has developed a new video with best practices and tips to help public safety agencies prepare for Hurricane Irma. The content
User targeted threats at an all-time high despite increasing education
The cost of security education for large enterprises is at an all time high of $290,033 per year per organisation, and user education is rocketing
Impact of supply chain attacks hits highest rate ever
Attacks on global supply chains by terrorist groups have hit the highest rate ever as have associated costs, according to a report by BSI. The type of attack can vary
Mayor appoints London’s first Chief Digital Officer
Sadiq Khan, the Mayor of London, has appointed Theo Blackwell as the capital’s first ever Chief Digital Officer. Theo will play a leading role in realising the Mayor’s