Scientific Method Paper/assignment

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Have an open mind- When my parent’s taught me from a very young age to only like one political candidate, when it name time to vote I kept an open mind and heard what both sides had to say about different issues facing the United states today. I took my think outside the box, so my thinking would not be narrowed by one though process. D. Not all evidence is created equal- My brother told me what classes would be beneficial for me to take for my first year of college (he knows me very well and has been in college for 6 years).

My friend also gave me advice on which classes to take (my friend has never been to college and does not know me as well as my brother). Both were evidence of what classes I would take, but I trust my brother’s advice over my friend’s advice. 3. List the steps to the scientific method. A. Observation that raises a question b. Develop a hypothesis (the answer to the question) c. Testing (research) d. Conclusion 4. Choose an issue facing people today and utilize the Scientific Method to form a conclusion.

My mother has Multiple Sclerosis otherwise known as M. S. She was diagnosed right after my older brother Colic was born in August of 1991. Growing up, I always thought that only women were able to get M. S. And only until my eighth grade year I found out that men can also get it. I always only heard of women who had M. S. Does M. S. Occur more in women than men? I believe that Multiple Sclerosis occurs more in women than men because it has something to do with giving birth and that triggers it.

The independent variable is Multiple Sclerosis occurs more in women than men and the dependent variable is if you birth a child. I believe that if you give birth to a child you are more likely to have Multiple Sclerosis. This is an example of a positive correlation. To put my hypothesis to the test I went to WebMD where you can find all there content very reliable. The award winning website, WebMD explains in an article called “Why more women get Multiple Sclerosis,” “MS is twice as common among women as it is in men. The reasons for the gap aren’t known.

Genetics seemed like a possible influence to Brian Winchester, MD, and colleagues. Genes and environment are probably both involved in the development of MS, they write in the online edition of Genes & Immunity. Winchester and his Mayo Clinic co-workers searched for clues about the MS gender gap. They also enlisted help from experts in Northern Ireland, Belgium, and Italy… The gene variation was less common among men. That might explain why men are generally protected more from MS,” says Winchester in a news release.

Similar findings were reported Day I tally researchers” Dry. David Dawson, a neurologist at Brigham and Women’s Hospital in Boston, Massachusetts was interviewed by a CNN reporter, he goes on to say “CNN: How prevalent is it in the United States? Dawson: It is the leading cause of neurological disability in young adults in this country… Women are a bit more likely than men to have the condition. The ratio is something like three to two women over men, and it tends to run in families. CNN: Do o know what causes MS? Dawson: I don’t think anybody knows that.

We’re making a lot of progress in controlling the disease without actually knowing what the cause is… ” In conclusion my hypothesis, I believe that Multiple Sclerosis occurs more in women than men because it has something to do with giving birth and that triggers it, is incorrect. Multiple Sclerosis is a disease that doctors do not know the much information about. Doctors know how to treat the disease, but they do not know the cause of the disease. However, Multiple Sclerosis does occur more in females than male, but nobody knows why.

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