Summary of Blobs Are Not Pseudo-Diaries

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In this literacy narrative, Blobs Are Not Pseudo-Diaries by Stacy Y’, Stacy talks about her experiences writing about her time spent in the Dominican Republic the summer after she graduated high school. The thesis statement of this narrative is “Far more interesting, though, was my hands-on education in the possibilities of travel journalism, and the freedom that comes with disregarding expectations. ” Stacy talks about how there were lots of people who wanted to be kept up to date with her experiences while she was in the Dominican so she set up a blob where she could easily do so.

At first she wrote mainly about how she was enjoying her time, posted some pictures, and wrote about missing home, the things she thought she should be writing about. Things she thought people wanted to read about. Stacy began to grow bored with what she was writing and the views on her posts were dwindling, she could tell her readers were becoming bored as well. Soon she stopped posting all together, she thought it was pointless. One day, she had a conversation with the oldest daughter of her host family and she knew she wanted to write about her and

Stacy decided to post it. She started posting about local soccer games, restaurant reviews, disagreements she had with members of the family, things she really liked to write about. She felt better about the things she was writing, she felt satisfied. Stacy felt that writing day to day posts would provide a lot of information but not capture the feel of her trip to the Dominican. She felt that to make a good record of her trip she needed to write about things were relevant to her trip and in ways that fir the experiences she had.

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