Talent Shows – Dream or Nightmare

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The past few years talents shows has invaded your television screen. You been filled up whit; broken dreams, cracked ambitions, family tragedies, tone-deaf girl and sometimes even real talent. You may love- or hate it, but one thing is for sure, you can’t certainly ignore it. It’s appearing everywhere; in the radio, newspaper and magazines. Even when you are shopping in the supermarket, you can’t avoid them. But what was it that made Talent shows so incredible large? You, or more exact the audience your a part of.

Because as we all know, the Talent show industry isn’t run by the will of for fill small little girls dreams or giving and old man a extra shoot in show business, but by the money its making on the audience. So as the audience that basically runs the industry, shouldn’t we have some kind of responsibility for it? Of course we should, but sadly enough I think that not even half of us gives it a though. I think it has become a part of our culture, and there for widely accepted.

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Its Just recently it appeared in the public debate. The main question there is, whether the concept is a dream or nightmare. If you ask me, I would say it is in-between. It depends on which perspective you see it from. If your point of view comes from the producers, the industry is like one of does dreams, which is to good to be truth. They can earn tons of money easy and fast. But if you see it more from the humane view, you start to notice some cracks in the dream.

The shows lay an enormously press on he competition, which sometimes leads to nervous breakdown or other mental uncomfortable things. Last year DIR employed a psychologist to see if the competitions was ready for the pressure, but still there was people who broke down on national television. When I saw a girl crying, after her dream had been crushed, I found myself asking, why do we even SE those kinds of shows? The answer is easy. Its entertainment on a very high level. You get the whole in one, the winners

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