The golden age of britain

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The past four years has brought it up and hopefully it’ll stay that way, it’s at it’s prime. Intellectual achievements are through the roof in the I-J, not only are the Universities the best in the world, but also because of this, many intellectuals and scholars have discovered and invented life changing implements and equipment. Britain’s place at the lead of scientific endeavor has been uninterrupted for many centuries right up to 2013, climaxing with the innovative invention of the human gnome, which guarantees to create a new breed of super humans.

Britain discovered gravity and penicillin was revealed as the worlds first antibiotic, all of those individuals were from Britain; Charles Darwin, Newton,Faraday. The Auk’s scientific accomplishments are equal to it’s eminence to music, literature and art. Well-known artists include The Battles who became famous over 50 years ago and are a legend known by all of the world. Even though the the group is not together anymore, it will forever be in the greatest band in history. All of the Well-known British individuals have someway or somehow affected our lives.

Great Britain’s most influential gift to the world that still lives today in the Golden Age, has been the guarantee of freedom of people all over the world. Britain introduced an educated and civilized world to other countries. Perhaps Great Britain’s greatest endeavor to the world is not technology, or sport or music, but the English language itself, the I-J houses the very first language of travel and business. T was spoken a thousand years ago, but its global importance meaner that it is still asking history now.

The English language is the language of many great poets and writers. More than half of the worlds children today have to study Shakespeare. Not only are historical British writers studied about, but also the modern writers have made a mark on our world. For example J. K Rolling, author of The Harry Potter Series, which introduced our world to imagination and fantasy. Great Britain is in A golden age and always has been in one because it influenced the world with science, medicine, art, literature, and the guarantee of freedom.

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