The Male Opportunists

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Believed to be equipped with great physical attributes, men are seen as powerful and dominant. Due to men’s capability to lead and manage, they have been given a lot of privileges. Over the years, we have been given advantages and benefits that helps us better ourselves. Furthermore, being a Filipino man gives a person more opportunities. In the family, my father is the leader. It was after one dinner in May of 2012 when our family decided to plan where to go for a vacation. We had different suggestions about this; my sister wanted to go to Cubic, and I wanted to go to Puerco Galena.

Because of this, the argument and debate between me and my sister began. We talked over the issue and gave the pros of our suggestion and the cons of the other’s suggestion. After about ten grueling minutes of conversation, my sister said to my dad, “Daddy, as Cubic an Lang Toyota, Saba Eng mega friends OK managed raw kaki don eh. ” Immediately, my dad replied, “tanning MO man kayak MO and mommy MO, and gung okay as Kantian, don Toyota. ” I was facing my sister, smiled at her and started teasing her. “Knack, wag MO an Assyrian nag chapatti MO,” my mom calmly told me but I didn’t stop.

My sister’s face began turning red, almost starting to cry, that’s why my dad stood up and said, “Hindi kayo unmassaged gung scan Toyota peanut kayak aka an behalf gung scan Toyota monosyllabic. ” The next day, his decision was to go to Canyon Cove in Unusual, Battings. During a Physical Education class In my Junior year, we had a lecture about the idea that men are highly respected In the world of athletics. Some of my classmates were asked to give names of famous athletes In basketball and the names that were given were Michael Jordan, Kobo Bryant, Lebanon James, Kevin Duran, and other basketball superstars.

I was called by my teacher In random and he asked me, “Mr… Becalm, give me names of people/athletes who contributed In making their sport known. ” I was surprised and these nervous words came out of my mouth, “Sir, Many Vacuole In the world of boxing, Paean Omnipotence In the world of bowling, Sambas Limit In the world of basketball, and uh…. That’s all. ” He acknowledged my recitation, allowed me to sit down and listen to his lecture about respected male athletes. Not only are men Involved In the world of sports, but they are also active In the society. We are known to be capable of leadership and governance.

In the government, most of the members of the senate and the house of representatives are male. In fact, the current president of the country, President Annoy Aquinas Is a male too. Since most Flossing are Catholic people, we can see that our religious leaders are mostly male. We may have nuns, sisters, and other female affiliations In the religious society, but for a person to be a Church leader, the person must be a male because our Church leaders are consisted of the pope, bishops, archbishops and priests. As for my experience, I have been a part of the youth organization In our

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