The Zodiac Killer

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The Zodiac Killer was a man that went around killing unsuspected people and then taking credit for them as if it were a game. He would write letters to the police and local newspaper. He would occasionally make phone calls to the police with in hours of his murders. The Zodiac was believed to being a man that Just wanted to see his name is the paper. Then it was also believed that he was a man with a mental disorder. No matter what he was a man that was playing a sick and twisted game.

A man that enjoyed to kill people for the fun of it, to see people die, because he was to scared of his own death. Over the 4 years from the start of his killing spree he had changed the lives of eight different people. His name has appear in the newspaper over a thousand times in the last 42 years since the begin. Where is started with a simple revenge or Jealousy murdering. The first believed murder of the Zodiac Killer took place on October 30, 1966, at the Riverside City College.

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Cheer Joy Bates was in the library studying. A man had gone into the library to wait for Bates to leave. There were no witnesses, but it is believed that she left when the library closed at 9 p. M.. Before waiting for Bates The man had tampered with her vehicle. When Bates left the library, the man waited a few minutes. That way when he would go out she would have already drained her battery. He went over to Bates to offer his assistance to fix her car. After a while of “unsuccessful” fixing.

He offered her a ride home, he told her that his car was Just down the way. She had followed her in to an ally way. Again their weren’t any real witnesses, but its believed that they had stood in the ally talking for an hour and a half. Approximately around 10:30 p. M. A few residents around the area had heard a “awful’ scream, then a few minutes later a muttered scream and then they heard a starting of an old vehicle. In the police report the man had stabbed Bates multiple times. She was stabbed three times in

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