Ultimate gift

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The film touches on many points that , in my opinion , are vital for us to lead a fulfilling life , based on the effort and thanks for all the goods that we have. I like how it makes you see that the gift of work for example, helps us to value things , realizing what it actually costs , and get to have some power and learn to despise not waste anything, small or “insignificant ” it is for us, we can get through honest work . I can also see that when you work for something and not given as something you already eave, the Joy of getting that thing for which we have worked .

Notably, the gift of friends , laughter , gratitude and the dreams are very connected , it looks like each of these gifts is complemented by others already mentioned, in the way that when you get any of the gifts we have implemented any of the other , giving that to get what we want, in the end is a full and happy life , we must keep a correct process by which we learn to value things , to plan what you want to do , to give without expecting anything in return , enjoy and laugh when need be and suffer but with the conviction hat this obstacle by which we are going through at the moment is Just a step that leads us to be better people than we do in the past . Humans are in a process of continuous improvement , but adopting and implementing most of these gifts that life has for us can live the life you ‘eve always dreamed of, have the dearest friends , we give without expecting a reward and most importantly , thank and appreciate anything that is the result of our work or that of others , bringing a reward for good deeds that we played during the working time.

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